Every Wednesday is Saints Community Project day at the Club….

The Saints Community Project at Brackley Town Football Club first opened its doors on a Wednesday in Sept 2015. Its main purpose was to create A themed day of actives once a month for members of the local community to enjoy. It was evident on day one that more was required, a weekly event was organised under the guise of a Coffee Morning but it has become and continues to be so much more.

There was a definite gap in the town that provided social activities for those that felt isolated or lonely in their daily lives.  Community spirit has diminished over the past few decades; as the population increased, people’s lives have changed and ultimately fewer people know fewer people in their street and town. We have lost some of the spirit that was once the foundation of society, our aim is to strengthen our community.

Support those that feel isolated and to have an easily accessible day to enjoy, improving their quality of life, mental and social well-being.

We have the perfect venue to host a whole range of activities to bring people together from any walk of life and to put something back into their lives and create a purpose, also to encourage members as a preventative measure.

We bring together a range of people, passing on social and life lessons, building a friendship network ... Creating a network of help and advice to help people feel more empowered and secure in their daily lives.

The Local police regularly visit to advise of the latest scams or frauds and provide talks on the law and educate what your rights are.  Our members get the confidence to say no this isn’t right. Giving them the confidence to speak up and to help prevent others from falling prey.

We have lists from our clients of recommended and trusted traders and carers. Giving people confidence and independence for longer.

We actively encourage members to become involved in little projects; This goes much further than four hours on a Wednesday.

We try to ensure our day provides a safe and secure, fully accessible venue, activities, laughter, fun, a home cooked hot meal and hopefully lasting memories.

The Saints Community Project is open to everyone every Wednesday in the clubhouse from 10am to 1.30pm with the exception of event days. All the details can be found on the board just inside the clubhouse. We always welcome any volunteers and assistance, please speak to Kim if you would like to become involved.