Day Trip To Wembley

20 May 2018

(to be sung to the tune of ’Day Trip To Bangor’)

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Didn’t we have a luvverly time

The day we went to Wembley?

When we got to our ground,

There were coaches all round,

You only had to find your number.

There was a holiday feel,

But wth much greater zeal,

The sun shone like an omen,

We each had a dream,

With the same common theme,

It was Red and White.


As we set on our way,

On this momentous day,

The early route was friendly.

Each familiar sight,

Made us feel right,

The green fields helped to make us comfy.

Then as we travelled away,

The country gave sway,

To towns and sprawling buildings.

But we didn’t care less,

We had a team we could bless,

In the Red and White.


When we reached hallowed ground,

We were hit by the sound,

And a sea of Brackley colours.

The setting was vast,

Would our dream last?

We’d know it all in 90 minutes.

The ‘flame-throwers’ flared,

And everyone stared 

As the teams came out the tunnel.

If we had any fears,

They were drowned by the cheers,

For the Red and White.


The match just sped by,

Under clear mid-May sky,

To a script that was a thriller.

It was too hard to plumb,

What would next come,

There were twists and turns when least expected.

But justice was served,

We got what we deserved,

Our hands were on the Trophy.

We knew where it was bound,

And the ribbons around

Were the Red and White.


John Leppard      

May ‘18