Moreton Rangers v Brackley Town (u12) 03/11/18 

A 3-0 away win to a A league team, we should be happy. And yet we all knew at the final whistle we weren’t at our best. Our quality showed early on as we were 2-0 up within 12 minutes and credit where credit is due they didn’t have a single clear chance for the rest of the game, and I must admit in the second half their keeper had an absolute blinder (I feel like the past few matches I’ve coached this side I’m always congratulating their keeper on a great performance at the end…) 

Where we must improve is in our counter attacking, we broke numerous times and seemed to run out of ideas when in the final 1/3 if we didn’t break through, but the match should be remembered for Finch waltzing through their defence twice to score and Dooley hitting a peach into the top corner from range. 

A special mention should also go to 2 great, yet very different, leaders. Dooley was the matchday captain and led with his actions whilst Alexander drove the team onwards whilst on and off the pitch

Goals: Finch (2), Dooley 

Assists: Finch, Dooley, Alexander